Cancer The Disease Demystified

dnaCancer is brought about by cells that grow abnormally. Anybody, the young, the old, the rich or even the poor can get cancer. There are so many types of cancers as it attacks all parts of the body apart from the nails and the hair. Cancer can attack, the breast, causing breast cancer, it can attack the skin causing skin cancer, the lungs causing, lung cancer, the colon, causing colon cancer and it attacks so many other parts of the body. This has made the disease to be one of the most feared and also one of the most researched on disease. The real cause of cancer has not yet been established yet. Although this disease is causing so much trouble to those who have been infected and also costing them a fortune, the control of this disease is dependent on how early it is diagnosed. The earlier the better as there are high chances of it being cured.

It is possible to detect some kinds of cancers by routine self-examination. These are simple routines that one can be able to carry out by themselves without the help of a doctor. One should also go for screening in the hospital regularly. These processes help to show if there are any symptoms that relate to cancer and at an early stage. The symptoms of cancers vary depending on the type of the cancer. Most cancers are detected when a tumor is felt while others are diagnosed when other symptoms develop.

Cancer diagnosis should start with physical examination of the area as well as the establishment of the medical history of the patient. Blood, stool and urine can be tested in the laboratory to show whether there are any abnormalities that can trace to cancer. If there is tumor that has been detected, then tests such as X-rays, computed tomography CT, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging MRI, and fiber-optic endoscopy can help to determine the size and the location of the tumor.

To confirm that actually the tumor that has been found is cancerous, a biopsy must be carried out. With biopsy, sample tissues are removed from the tumor and studied under a microscope. If there are any cells that are cancerous, then the tumor is then said to be cancerous. There are those tumors that are found to be free of cancer. If cancer is found to be present, more tests are done to give specific information about it. Staging is the name of the follow up diagnosis that is done. It is important for doctors to check on whether the cancer has spread to other areas.

Cancer treatment includes radiations, chemotherapy, functional medicine, surgery and immunotherapy or hormone therapy. Cancer treatment is dependent on the stage and the type. The treatment may be used to slow the growth of the tumor or to eradicate it completely. Apart from treatment, cancer support is important for cancer patients. Social support especially from family and friends will help deal with such things as fear, anxiety and depression that crop in.

If you happen to get cancer, always remember that it is not a death sentence. You can defeat it or live with it but longer.