Can Chiropractic Adjustments Help With Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Lower Back Pain

This health care profession is devoted to the non-surgical cure of illnesses or disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. In general, chiropractors sustain an exclusive emphasis on spinal adjustments and manipulation. They are specifically responsible for providing treatments on the nearby area structures of the mentioned body systems.

Various studies and researches have determined and concluded that these types of therapies which are frequently utilized by chiropractors are mostly efficient and effective for the cure or treatment of lower back pain conditions, and also for curing lumbar herniated disc, and certain neck sore discomforts.

Chiropractic Goals

Chiropractors will perform whatever it takes to help relieve and resolve their patient’s conditions and disorders as quickly as possible, with long term efficiency and effectiveness. Giving lower back pain relief to the patient is imperative as early as possible to avoid worsening conditions that may occur in the future. They will also conduct as few cures as a necessity and in addition, also give assistance and further guidance on how to prevent and avoid future incidents or occurrences of lower back pains or is also scientifically known as sciatica.

This type of profession includes an enormous variation of chiropractic techniques or methods and philosophical practices. It is advised by these professionals that patients should feel free, be comfortable, and not hinder themselves to ask or inquire about the chiropractic examinations and diagnosis for them to have the knowledge and to understand the treatment program they will be undergoing.

Initial Steps

The initial interview with a chiropractor is usually done over the phone, or it is much preferred and advised that it be conducted in person. It is mainly focused on discussion. Certain medical questions shall be inquired by the chiropractor such as histories or recent activities that may be related to the given lower back pain disorder. Keep in mind that the initial interview is only an interview and it will not include a clinical examination.


A complete and thorough chiropractic examination would include general tests. These assessments include blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and reflexes including neurological examinations to check muscle strength, muscle tone, range of motion of the affected area, and neurological integrity.

Supplementary chiropractic tests may be required to assess the affected area in the lower back, such as having the individual or patient move or angle his or herself in various specified methods. Posture analysis may also be needed, as well as chiropractic manipulation of the affected areas or parts of the lower back.


When patients with generic chronic lower back pain are cured by professional chiropractors, the longevity of the positive result is heightened or improved by sustaining maintenance spinal manipulation after the intensive initial therapy. The core chiropractic treatment generally comprises the treatment of the common lower back pain conditions through manual therapeutic methods.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The manual manipulation and spinal manipulation method refers to a short lever arm thrust with medium to high velocity which is applied to the anomalous vertebra with the objective of improving or enhancing functionality. This technique also decreases nerve irritability and restores or re-establishes the range of maneuverability in the back areas. This procedure is universally known as chiropractic adjustment.

There is secure provision for chiropractic cure of lower back pain. Several of the published procedures mention chiropractic manipulation to be incorporated in the treatment proposal in the initial stages to care for lower back pain conditions. In addition, chiropractic mobilization may also be applied. This procedure refers to the careful stretching of the joints and muscles accompanied by low velocity movements. The objective is similar with this method as its goal is to increase and enhance the motion range in the lower back and the areas near it.

Plan for Chiropractic Treatment

The patient or individuals’ disability, pain issues, and activity or movement tolerance would also depend on the chiropractic treatment method required to be utilized. The timespan or time period for the treatment plan would be assessed by the chiropractor as various safety measures are to be taken into consideration. Prevention of chronicity guidelines is to be strictly followed to avoid further issues with regards to lower back pains. Active body care such as modification in daily activities, ergonomic changes, and proper exercise would play a big role in treatment and maintenance. So the answer is yes, chiropractic adjustments do help with chronic back pain.